(b.1972, Argentina)

Analia Llugdar was born in Argentina and writes both instrumental and vocal music.

A number of her works have been performed in Europe and Quebec by groups such as Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, Ensemble Contemporain de Montréal, Duo Prémices, the Orchestre Symphonique de Laval, Trio Fibonacci, Alizé, and the Enfants Terribles and at international festivals such as World Music Days in Hong Kong and Zagreb.

She currently resides in Montréal, Canada.

Artist Compositions


Premiere Title of Commission Listen
10/11/2020 Sentir de cacerolas Listen Close

This piece was inspired by the 'cacerolazos', a demonstration accompanied by the clattering of saucepans in protest against Argentina’s economic and political situation that culminated in December 2001. The words are from the poem Oración de un desocupado (Prayer of the Unemployed) by Argentinian poet Juan Gelman.

10/20/2010 El sueño de Aquiles Listen Close

'El sueño de Aquiles' ('The Dream of Aquiles') is a setting of a poem by Mexican writer José Manuel Recillas. The composition calls for four immense percussion setups, placed at the front and back of a room. Also, four voices alternate between clusters of close harmonies, complex rhythmic Sprechstimme, and intricate contrapuntal lines.