b.1964, Italy

Kelly-Marie Murphy was born on a NATO base in Sardegna, Italy and grew up on Armed Forces bases across Canada.

Murphy's music has been performed in the UK, Japan, across Europe and North America by outstanding soloists and ensembles, and has had radio broadcasts in 22 countries. She began her studies in composition at the University of Calgary and later received a Ph.D. in composition from the University of Leeds in England.

She is the recipient of many commissions from the CBC, Canada Council for the Arts, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Vancouver Symphony Orchestras, the Gryphon Trio, Borealis String Quartet and others.

Artist Compositions


Premiere Title of Commission Listen
06/04/2006 Murphy Fanfare Listen Close

The Toronto Fanfare Project, a series of eclectic concerts presented as part of the 2006 soundaXis festival of music and architecture, offered an elaborate five-day welcome to this rich literature for brass ensemble, animating some of the great architectural and acoustical masterpieces in the core of Toronto with a celebration of the music of Canada and its northern neighbours.

05/09/2000 Indelible Lines, Invisible Surface Listen Close

The emotional roots of this piece lay in Murphy’s own thoughts about the flaws of society and the arrival of the new millennium in the year 2000. The single-movement piece is divided into three sections (fast, slow, fast) that unfold over approximately twelve minutes. It opens with an expressive cello solo that gradually climbs to a high C sharp.