b.1959, Canada

Randolph Peters is a Canadian composer of stage, orchestral, chamber, choral, vocal, and film works.

After Mr. Peters obtained a degree in physics and religious studies from the University of Winnipeg, he pursued his masters and doctoral music composition studies at Indiana University.

Mr. Peters has received numerous commissions, including ones from the Hannaford Street Silver Band, Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Elmer Iseler Singers, Vancouver Chamber Orchestra, Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Canadian Opera Company, Penderecki String Quartet, Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Cambrian Quartet, and the Agassiz Trio, among others.

He currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Artist Compositions


Premiere Title of Commission Listen
02/06/2000 Keys to the Unseen Listen Close

Using text from Salman Rushdie’s novel The Ground Beneath Her Feet and from abbreviated versions of the Latin Mass, Keys to the Unseen examines the subject of music itself. Two of its parts, Kyrie and Sanctus, refer to music from the past that survives in our consciousness and continues to exert an influence on the way we hear things today.