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495 11-17-2013 The passing ( press here for song info ) Listen Close

Body. Mind. & soul. First stage A war rages in the body for the right to survive. Slowly the fight is lost and A inner primal scream signals the start of the bodies systems shutting down. Second stage The mind now starts to soar with the separation from the almost lifeless body and pain . The "your life flashes before you " part. A billion neurone's firing in waves of flashing ,pulsating audio and visual regression of your life's memorise. right back to the fetus , and ironically, paradoxically and a beautiful symmetry to the last thing that you experience is your first heartbeat, just before your last. Third stage. The soul prepares to leave. The "state of grace" a couple of fragile heart beats before the last ever. And if this last ever beat belongs to a loved one. It should resonate around the world like a sonic boom, as if to say to everybody on the planet "stop what your doing.. take notice... feel our pain"... ...Ascension.