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0 01-17-2015 diamond user528389513 Listen Close

Composition was created using following commissions from soundmakers.ca: Arise, Cry Out in the Night

491 07-08-2021 Bass time Flow mix Listen Close

Using samples of composer Peter Hatch-Time Zones and add one bassline i hope bassline is fine

Composition was created using following commissions from soundmakers.ca: Time Zones

588 12-03-2021 Escher Creak (GS 05a) P.Ruston Listen Close

Gate Study 05a uses samples from the following pieces commissioned by Soundstreams: - Hatch, Peter "Time Zones" (2010) - Hui, Melissa "Fred and John Were Having Tea (When I Dropped By)" (2004) - Ka Nin, Chan "The Charmer" (1994) - Staniland, Andrew "Hex" (2011) Check out http://www.soundmakers.ca

1581 11-23-2013 Nonet by Ana Sokolovic - Hip-Hop Remix RobTeehan Listen Close

Made using samples from Nonet by Ana Sokolovic, commissioned by Soundstreams and provided by Soundmakers.ca. (added drums, bass, piano, keyboard - the rest is samples that were edited, time-stretched, pitch-stretched, reversed, etc.)

495 11-17-2013 The passing ( press here for song info ) mclrab Listen Close

Body. Mind. & soul. First stage A war rages in the body for the right to survive. Slowly the fight is lost and A inner primal scream signals the start of the bodies systems shutting down. Second stage The mind now starts to soar with the separation from the almost lifeless body and pain . The "your life flashes before you " part. A billion neurone's firing in waves of flashing ,pulsating audio and visual regression of your life's memorise. right back to the fetus , and ironically, paradoxically and a beautiful symmetry to the last thing that you experience is your first heartbeat, just before your last. Third stage. The soul prepares to leave. The "state of grace" a couple of fragile heart beats before the last ever. And if this last ever beat belongs to a loved one. It should resonate around the world like a sonic boom, as if to say to everybody on the planet "stop what your doing.. take notice... feel our pain"... ...Ascension.

4538 06-18-2013 Fred and John Rent A Charming Two-Room Flat tinyalligator Listen Close

I worked in Logic to mashup Sarah Vaughan singing Thou Swell with Hui's piece.

Composition was created using following commissions from soundmakers.ca: Fred and John Were Having Tea (When I Dropped By)

1969 03-26-2013 Soundscape from New Creations Festival, Mar26,2013 @ Roy Thompson Hall JohnKameelFarah Listen Close

Recording of John Kameel Farah's live performance from Roy Thompson Hall during the Toronto Symphony's New Creations Festival, March 7, 2013. Presented by SoundStreams, as part of Farah's Residency with SoundMakers. containing orchestral samples from the SoundMakers database; samples from pieces by Andrew Staniland, Peter Hatch, Kelly-Marie Murphy and James Rolfe http://soundmakers.ca http://www.soundstreams.ca

144 03-18-2013 leech - Made with SoundMakers ((((krb)))) Listen Close

this piece only uses samples from Paul Steenhuisens Vorwissen

161 01-16-2013 landscapes ((((krb)))) Listen Close

I made this with samples from soundmakers.ca using the iPad app Borderlands.

269 01-13-2013 Copyright Headache ALL ABOUT DRAMA Listen Close

Composition was created using following commissions from soundmakers.ca: Axis: Bold as Brass, The Weaving Maiden, Without Fanfare