• Preview the samples extracted from Soundstreams' 30-year commissions recording catalogue. Click on the link below to listen to the original recordings.

  • Preview and download samples extracted from the Soundstreams commissions catalogue. Combine these with your own sounds and creative ideas in order to produce your own music.
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# Plays Date Uploaded Title Listen
586 12/03/2021 Escher Creak (GS 05a) Listen Close

Gate Study 05a uses samples from the following pieces commissioned by Soundstreams: - Hatch, Peter "Time Zones" (2010) - Hui, Melissa "Fred and John Were Having Tea (When I Dropped By)" (2004) - Ka Nin, Chan "The Charmer" (1994) - Staniland, Andrew "Hex" (2011) Check out http://www.soundmakers.ca