For oboe/shofar, harp and percussion.

Commissioned by Soundstreams to coincide with the 1996 celebration of Jerusalem’s third millennium as the capital of the Kingdom of Israel, Arc of the Covenant draws its inspiration from the Old Testament. The text it illustrates comes from the Second Book of Samuel, which tells how David became King of Israel after King Saul and his son Jonathan were slain in battle, and how, after leading his people to capture Jerusalem from the Jebusites, David brought into the city the Ark of the Covenant, the sacred chest containing the Ten Commandments. Composed in a Middle-Eastern Mediterranean style, this work this work is divided into four main sections bearing the subtitles: Invocation, Recollections, Rituals and Cortege, and Bacchanal. The entire piece is intended to be performed as a ritual, incorporating dance to express the theme of each section. The original production was choreographed by Canadian dance icon David Earle. 

Performed by:
Lawrence Cherney, oboe/shofar
Erica Goodman, harp
Russell Hartenberger, percussion