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for dizi, flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, pipa, zheng, percussion, piano, erhu, violin, viola, cello, contrabass  

Born and raised in America, Chang grew up with only limited exposure to Chinese music, ranging from the traditional folk songs that her mother tried to teach her to occasional concert performances by visiting ensembles. Lost and Found represents Chang’s embrace of a musical heritage that had hitherto exerted little influence on her compositions, and her exploration of how that heritage might intersect with her own musical voice. Each of the work’s five short movements takes its own approach to integrating the Chinese and Western traditions, summoning forth moods and styles that range from the driving energy of folk and jazz to gorgeous passages of tranquil contemplation. Such instruments as the pipa (a form of lute), the zheng (or zither), and the erhu (the Chinese equivalent of the violin) join forces with Western orchestral instrumentation to create unique blends of sound that are as evocative as they are unexpected.

Performed by:
Chai Found Music Workshop
Accordes String Quartet
Soundstreams Chamber Ensemble
Les Dala, conductor

Commissioned by Soundstreams with generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts.