for choir SATB (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) a cappella or with piano  

“When talking about music,” says Ryan, “we often borrow words from visual art to describe sounds. We speak of orchestral ‘colours,’ of ‘brightness’ or ‘darkness,’ and so on.” Paint the Light had its genesis in Ryan’s fascination with actual colours and his interest in the transformation of “colours” within a piece of music. “Just as each of us hears a piece of music uniquely,” he says, “we similarly have no way of knowing whether we all see exactly the same thing when we look at a particular colour. In this sense, the piece celebrates the experience of individuals gathering into a collective musical unit.” Ryan has compiled his text from a series of names for different colours, along with other related words. The initial slow section gradually accelerates into a dancing tempo, which explores different registers and vocal combinations as the music methodically rises higher and higher. 

Performed by:
University Voices
Robert Sund, conductor