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for violin, accordion, piano, and contrabass

Serbian Tango is one of several pieces that resulted from Lawrence Cherney’s idea of commissioning new tangos from composers of varying stylistic backgrounds. The intention was not to reinvent the tango but to create new approaches to a familiar form by seeing it afresh through a contemporary lens. Sokolović’s contribution is inspired both by jazz and by the traditional Serbian dance known as kolo. The bass provides a solid rhythmic foundation on which to ground the piece; building on this, the other players intertwine their own collections of melodic flourishes. The music encourages the listener to dance, to respond to the push and pull of the pulse throughout. The piece is infused both with the nimbleness of tango and with the melodic imagination so characteristic of Sokolović’s style. 

Performed by:
Serouj Kradjian, piano
Lara St. John, violin
Hector Del Curto, bandoneón
Dave Young, bass