for percussion and live electronics  

Staniland has described percussion as “a metaphorical tiger: possessing all at once ferociousness, beauty, and mystery.” To reflect the compositional logic of Talking Down the Tiger—written as a continuous movement in two sections, one named “Crazy!” and the other “Beautiful”—he expands the standard looping technique of sound capture and repeated playback. To that end, he designed his own device, the “stanilooper,” capable of matching the pitch and rhythmic material of the percussion while extending it in both space and time through multiple speakers. “Many percussion instruments,” Staniland observes, “exhibit their most interesting and expressive sounds at the pianissimo dynamic register, which is at odds with the type of blustering, heavy-handed writing often associated with percussion. . . . In this piece I wanted to explore a journey from a wild and ferocious sound world that gradually recedes into a mystical and beautiful sound world lying beneath.”

Performed by:
Ryan Scott, percussion
Andrew Staniland, electronics

Commissioned by Ryan Scott with the assistance of the Toronto Arts Council and Soundstreams Canada.