for violin and piano

Kradjian was moved to compose this piece after hearing a tango on his alarm clock early one morning while he was studying in Germany. The sound of the bandoneón and the fiery accentuated rhythms and melodies of Argentinian composer Ástor Piazzolla all provided inspiration for this work. Beyond such purely aesthetic considerations, however, Kradjian’s aim in Tango Melancólico was to symbolize the theme of conflict—both within oneself and with a partner or lover. Using violin to represent the woman and piano to represent the man, Kradjian explores the dynamics of conflict within intimate relationships. As the piece ebbs and flows, the two instruments conduct a passionate dance, exchanging romantic and fervent gestures without ever reaching a true resolution. 

Performed by:
Lara St. John, violin
Serouj Kradjian, piano