Text by Michael Redhill

for narrator, violin, cello, and piano

“This is a fable.” So begins Giller Prize-nominated author Michael Redhill’s story of an inveterate liar who is betrayed by a growth under his arm that sings whenever he utters a falsehood. It was with the elemental quality of fable in mind that Daniel approached his setting of Redhill’s text, taking as his reference points Stravinsky’s music-theatre piece L’histoire du soldat and Berg’s opera Wozzeck. As with the Stravinsky, his music is direct and unadorned, deliberately eschewing word-painting. At the same time, Daniel did not set out merely to write incidental music: like Berg’s opera, his score has a structure that is independent of the text, an internal logic of its own. The music unfolds, says Daniel, “in what I call a ‘heterophonic’ relationship with the text, in that the music structures relate directly to the structure and intent of the text, yet have an independent musical-dramatic architecture.”

Performed by:
Michael Redhill, narrator
Gryphon Trio