for 4 choirs (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass), percussion  

Conceived for four choirs, separated in different places around the audience to suggest the mystical omnipresence of God in unlimited forms and revelations, this work brings together texts from diverse eras and cultures. Schafer has drawn on the Isha Upanishad, one of the key philosophical texts of the Hindu religion (and one that is notable for its description of a single Supreme Being), and on the thirteenth-century writings of Italian theologian and philosopher St. Bonaventure, born Giovanni di Fidanza in 1221. To these existing texts, Schafer has added reflections of his own. While the work is intended to be guided as a whole by a single principal conductor-coordinator, each choir also has its own conductor or leader. The choir conductors may also play the percussion instruments, since the percussion parts are not difficult; otherwise they may be played by percussionists situated near each of the four choirs.

Performed by:
University Voices
T├Ánu Kaljuste, conductor