Defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “a short ceremonious sounding of trumpets, an elaborate welcome,” the fanfare is a form understood by all. The Toronto Fanfare Project, a series of eclectic concerts presented as part of the 2006 soundaXis festival of music and architecture, offered an elaborate five-day welcome to this rich literature for brass ensemble, animating some of the great architectural and acoustical masterpieces in the core of Toronto with a celebration of the music of Canada and its northern neighbours. Thirteen new fanfares, in both jazz and classical genres, were commissioned for the occasion from Canadian and Scandinavian composers: Chris Paul Harman, John MacLeod, Gary Kulesha, Ray Luedeke, Alexina Louie, Kelly Marie Murphy, and Andrew Staniland of Canada; Tryggvi Baldvinsson of Iceland; Fuzzy and Jens Winther of Denmark; Anders Hillborg of Sweden; Kirmo Lintinen of Finland; and Rolf Wallin of Norway.

performed by Soundstreams Fanfare Trumpets