for Baritone and Orchestra

Traces is not a conventional opera. Rather than conforming to traditional concepts of music, staging, drama, and plot, it is driven by the inner drama of every human life. In part, this deeply emotional work is autobiographical, drawing on Anhalt’s own experiences during the Holocaust, first as a forced-labour conscript in his native Hungary, then as an escapee in hiding for the remainder of the war. In a larger sense, Traces explores the role that the past plays in shaping the present. Its title refers to the countless actions we all perform, the myriad decisions we make, as we steer our courses through life. This recognition of the complexity within each individual finds its parallel in the structure of the piece, described by its composer as a “pluri-drama.” Multiple roles are adopted by the solo performer, who sings a series of monologues in a variety of different dramatic voices. 

Performed by:
Doug McNaughton, baritone
Encounters Chamber Orchestra
Gary Kulesha, conductor