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Premiere Title of Commission Composer Listen
05/08/2021 Projection Chris Paul Harman Listen Close

Harman composed Projection at a time when he was pursuing his growing interest in condensed forms of expression. Consisting of many small sections and many even smaller fragments, the piece has a decidedly anti-narrative large-scale structure. Yet despite its lack of an overarching narrative, it still creates dramatic expectations—even though these are systematically undermined.

05/08/2021 Nonet Ana Sokolovic Listen Close

The characteristic playfulness of Sokolović’s music is prominently represented in this short piece, which the composer has dedicated to her son Gustave. Her aim in Nonet was to create a progression from static, non-evolving material to material that is faster and more directional, and then to repeat this process several times to achieve a humorous effect.

04/17/2001 Six Songs James Rolfe Listen Close

In his earlier compositions inspired by the poetry of Walt Whitman, Rolfe was interested more in the sound of Whitman’s verse than in its meaning. In these settings of poems from Leaves of Grass, however, he takes a more traditional art-song approach, his music reflecting the thoughts and sentiments conveyed by the words.